Got My Eye On: Maiko Vintage…

…and I mean that in a complete literal sense as well. I’m in love with the finds at Maiko Vintage and lets face it ladies, Michael Zambrano is a hot poptart!

Mens Vintage Blue and Black Neck Tie Flame Pattern

Mens Vintage Cardigan Longsleeve Black Grey Buttondown Patch Medium

Mens Vintage Western Jacket Two Buttons Grey Accents Cowboy Medium Large


The Come Back: A Treasury

Check out the full treasury. Trust me, it’s worth it!
Buy all these things on Etsy.

Vintage Weekend Picnic

As the end of Summer falls upon us. (Pun intended, man I crack myself up sometimes!) Why not head out this weekend for a picnic? Vintage style, of course!

P.S. and as always you can find all of these lovely items on…. you guessed it, ETSY!

Vintage Homes: On the Outside