The Odditorium

I actually took my visit to the Odditorium over the summer and it was awesome possum! So many cool, odd things to discover. This is just a handful of things from the museum that I thought would be perfect to share around Halloween time. Enjoy!











Tuesday Favorites: DIY from Pinterest

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Somebody’s Grandma

I was featured in this absolutely fantastic treasury this morning and I couldn’t help but to share!

Let’s give My Victorian Cottage a round of Jazz Hands for this one!

13 Vintage Pieces You Must Have Somewhere In Your Home

A Globe.

A Persian Rug.

A Book Set. For reading or decoration.

A Rotary Phone.

A Wooden Chest.

A Dish Set.

A Suitcase.

A Quilt.

A Medicine Bottle Set.

An Alarm Clock.

A Lamp. Or Two.

A Chair.

A Fan.

A Few Things Coming Soon to LP!

All of these are coming soon to LP on Etsy! Can I get some jazz hands?!






Sunday Funday: Up-Cycled Owl Table and DIY Jewelry Board

This is the Owl Table (before) that my mom and her boyfriend picked up for me a couple of months ago at a local thrift store. Yes I know it took me awhile to get it finished. The table was missing a top so my mom’s boyfriend made a new top for me and brought it over. I was not very found of the color of the table and wanted to make it a little more interesting. So yesterday I took out my spray paint and finished it off with this bright yellow. That I must say looks pretty darn nice in our bedroom.

So then, I had quite a bit of yellow paint left over and a cork board that Matt found at work and brought home to me to originally use in my office. ( By the way it was in the old part of the school he works and he asked to bring it home, he doesn’t steal from work (= ) But I found another project to make my own cork board for my office, so I just had this other one lying around.

Then an idea struck me. I would paint it yellow as well and hang it in our bedroom to display my jewelry on. Brilliant! So it is done and it looks a little something like this. Gosh I need to go buy a lot more jewelry….

For this project all I did was spray paint an old cork board, hang it up and used different sized nails for the pegs to hold jewellery.

P.S. Sorry the pictures do not have the best lighting I took these last night, with the ceiling light on. Yuck. I was just so excited to show off my work I let go of the light issue. Also… the Jewelry board is not crooked, I am and so were my photography skills last night, apparently..