stuck in my head: The Lumineers

Oh my my oh hey hey. Here he comes by saving grace. Burn the car and save the plates. He’s arrived, my saving grace.


stuck in my head: RHCP

it’s truth…

stuck in my head: Atmosphere

stuck in my head: Richie Valens

stuck in my head: The Rolling Stones

CAN NOT get this shizz out of my head today. hmmm…

stuck in my head: for the longest time

oh, yes I did!

stuck in my head: BRMC

Holy crap I have been busy! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post in a hot minute. I’ll be set free after April. yay! Then it’s down to some hard core Etsy business. Cha ching!

Enjoy some BRMC today, hope you all had a lovely weekend!