13 Songs that will Always make me think of You

I had to…


The Beach Boys Concert: so sad it had to end!

Keep in mind I took all the photos and videos with my iPhone. Even though I cannot say they sounded like they did 50 years ago they put on one hell of show in my eyes. 3 hours to be exact. Even if they would have stunk I still would have considered myself the luckiest gal in the universe. I was in the presence of Brian Wilson for God sake!!! A musical genius in my mind. Ugh, so sad it had to end. I will post video tomorrow from my pc.







Okay… One More..

Beach Boys Concert Count Down…. 1 Day!

I have recently heard some reviews on the tour…. not the best. This saddens me a little but I am hoping I am in enough awe of what I am witnessing that I won’t notice. Either way, seeing B Wilson in the flesh has got to be one of the most phenomenal effing things my little eyes will ever dare see.

Beach Boys Concert Count Down… 6 Days!!!

Dick Clark interviews the gang on, American Bandstand. Lovely clip!

Beach Boys Concert Count Down… 7 Days!!!

That’s right, we are going acapella today. Jazz Hands for sure!

Beach Boys Concert Count Down… 8 Days!!!

I could sway to this all day!