New Rug is Here!

Yay! The new kitchen rug came last night! And I must say… it!!!!

Ps. Yes I know these pictures suck. We are all going to have to deal until I get some light in this place.



more new listings! BAM!

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Holy Mother! Mother Plaque

Can You Fix My Volkswagon - Service and Repair Handbook - Circa 1974

Room B 1201 - Vintage Hotel Room Key

Bar Sets are Back!

Bar Sets are back people! Oh what the heck, I’ll throw a little glass set in here too!

Check out the whole shop!

William Bar Set

James Bar Set

Silver Linings Vintage Glass Set of Four

Etsy: Mix and Match Tea Sets

So excited to finally be getting my butt back on Etsy! It’s coming along slowly but surely and I am re-listing items until I get into my new place in April and will actually have LIGHT! Oh will there be light!

Check out some of my mix and match tea sets below and you can visit the entire shop too!

Ellie Vintage Tea Set - Mix and Match

Francis Vintage Tea Set

Winifred Vintage Tea Set - Mix and Match

Happy Valentines. I Suppose

I am not one to be a fan of Valentine’s Day. I personally think it is most likely one of thee dumbest holidays ever invented. Especially when we look at the what it is based off of… Sorry St. Valentine!

But, still I figured the lot of you that do like and celebrate Valentine’s Day might enjoy a little Valentine’s nostalgia with these vintage finds from Etsy.

Actually the first one is very fitting for my hatered of Valentine’s day and my dark humor. Win-Win kids!

ps. the last one is one of my little dittys. It will be available in the LP shop soon.

Monster Mash - 2 Vintage 1960s Horror Movie TV Host Valentine's Day Cards, Vampira with Spider, Dr. Scar with Eye Patch, Very Rare, Unused

Vintage Waechtersbach Red White Hearts Cup and Saucer, West Germany, valentine, vestiesteam


Happy Anniversary!

Well… WordPress just informed that today is one year anniversary of starting my blog! I’m glad they thought to remind me because Lord knows I don’t remember things like that. I know us broads are supposed to remember those kinds of things but I guess that means I’m not your average broad. I’m okay with that.

Anyway HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to me! Now that I KNOW it’s been a year it’s really time to get my butt back in gear and get rolling again. This year has brought a lot of changes and it’s taken me a bit to adjust but I’m ready to jump back in and get things going.

Thank you to all of you who have followed along with LP this year! Here’s (CHEERS!) to making the next year even more sensational!

Imma a Slacker

Hi kids! First off apologies on being such a slacker to my blog and Etsy. I feel like a neglectful mom or something. LuckyPorcupine is my bebe and I am sad I’ve let it go. Fear not though my LP loving friends, I PROMISE I am coming back and I have a lot to share with you. Aside from my promotion at my job, blahhh, who cares about that. I have been working with a new non-profit HOLLY House, Inc. You should probably check it out. Anyway… other than possibly doing some DIY classes when it opens up this summer. I get to… are you ready for it???!!!!! Design and decorate the interior of the orgnization. SOOOOOOO excited! Jazz Hands! I will definitely be sharing that with all of you. So get ready. LP is back and has more on her plate than ever.

Stay tuned. It’s about to get good.

Available Soon at LuckyPorcupine

Available Soon at LuckyPorcupine