H&M Home Collection

Well I was rather excited to find that H&M would be starting a home collection line. Finally checked it out today and I am in LOVE with the vintage/rustic style of all the pieces. On top of it, the prices are insanely CHEAP. I mean I expected low prices but these are exceptional. A great new resource for some inexpensive accessories! These are my favorite pieces but you can check the whole schbang out here.

H&M Home

glass jar

candles 2-pack

H&M Living Room


cushion cover


Onto to the next one…

Well kids kitchen… Almost done. Will post pics soon once I am satisfied with its completeness.

Now onto the next one.. The darkest, angriest bedroom ever. (Honey, I love you but this is awful) How this kid has slept in this room for years and didn’t go crazy is beyond me.

So without further adieu here is the before… (You’re welcome again for the great pics, but as you can see lighting… Not so much)




Wednesday Favorites

Will definitely be picking up some of these items for my new place soon!

Crystal Air Plant Garden - Grey Purple Amethyst Geode w LIVE Purple Plant

Chalkboard Lamp I- Rustic Wood Lighting, Chalkboard Decor, Wood Chalkboard Lamp, Lighting, Exposed Edison Bulb

Handmade toile monster plush art doll with handlebar mustache and valentines here

Take Me Home

Vintage Suzani-upholstered comfy club chair

The Beatles' Homes - print of the childhood homes of John, Paul, Ringo and George.

Stained Glass Honeycomb Drops (set of 10)

Imma a Slacker

Hi kids! First off apologies on being such a slacker to my blog and Etsy. I feel like a neglectful mom or something. LuckyPorcupine is my bebe and I am sad I’ve let it go. Fear not though my LP loving friends, I PROMISE I am coming back and I have a lot to share with you. Aside from my promotion at my job, blahhh, who cares about that. I have been working with a new non-profit HOLLY House, Inc. You should probably check it out. Anyway… other than possibly doing some DIY classes when it opens up this summer. I get to… are you ready for it???!!!!! Design and decorate the interior of the orgnization. SOOOOOOO excited! Jazz Hands! I will definitely be sharing that with all of you. So get ready. LP is back and has more on her plate than ever.

Stay tuned. It’s about to get good.

Available Soon at LuckyPorcupine

Available Soon at LuckyPorcupine