The Beach Boys Concert: so sad it had to end!

Keep in mind I took all the photos and videos with my iPhone. Even though I cannot say they sounded like they did 50 years ago they put on one hell of show in my eyes. 3 hours to be exact. Even if they would have stunk I still would have considered myself the luckiest gal in the universe. I was in the presence of Brian Wilson for God sake!!! A musical genius in my mind. Ugh, so sad it had to end. I will post video tomorrow from my pc.








Okay… One More..

Beach Boys Concert Count Down…. 1 Day!

I have recently heard some reviews on the tour…. not the best. This saddens me a little but I am hoping I am in enough awe of what I am witnessing that I won’t notice. Either way, seeing B Wilson in the flesh has got to be one of the most phenomenal effing things my little eyes will ever dare see.

Count Down to Beach Boys Concert!!! 9 Days!

I am uber stoked to be blessed enough to get to see Brian Wilson, the gang and all their glory perform live in my lifetime. I get warm fuzzies just thinking about it. Would it be wrong of me to propose to Brian just to enjoy his astounding musical ear? Good God those harmonies, ugh. Anyway, verrrrry excited, jazz hands every where. So from today until the concert on June 13th I will be posting some of my favorite Beach Boys songs for you lucky readers. Enjoy!