stuck in my head: John Lennon, Mind Games

goodness. I just love John…


stuck in my head: Blurred Lines

I’m sorry but I just can’t help myself. I am sitting at my desk at work jammin’. People are going to start thinking I’m bonkers but this song is so fun, I just don’t care!

stuck in my head: Atmosphere

stuck in my head: The Rolling Stones

CAN NOT get this shizz out of my head today. hmmm…

Jim Power, you’ve inspired me.

So I was browsing around the internet this morning when I stumbled upon a little gem in NYC named Jim Power. I am sure many of you are familiar with him and his work. However, he is new to me. I know I am usually pretty behind the times. Oh, the pain of being 60 trapped in a 25 year olds body.

Anywho, I am glad I took the time to watch this little Etsy snip-it about Jim. Not only is his work absolutely amazing. Something about his spirit just sticks captures me. I love getting that feeling from someone you have never met in person. Gives ya the warm fuzzies a bit.

Check out Jim Power on Etsy. Or you can visit his website. But you MUST watch the video below. Get inspired by someone you’ve never met!

stuck in my head: la vie en rose

stuck in my head: for the longest time

oh, yes I did!