New Rug is Here!

Yay! The new kitchen rug came last night! And I must say… it!!!!

Ps. Yes I know these pictures suck. We are all going to have to deal until I get some light in this place.



Yes… I moved again.

Well kids I’m moving… Again? Yes, again. For the millionth time this year. I think I unknowingly became a gypsy. Well gypsy I plan to be no more. Just a quick rap up of the past few months events…

Moved out of old house

Couch surfed for a couple months waiting for new apartment to be ready

Moved into new apartment

Stayed in new apartment for two months, never put anything away…

During this whole process- found my companion and guess what?

Yep- we decided to take the plunge and move in together.

So here we go again, a huge revamp awaits me… Turning the (almost literal) man cave into a cozy home for two.

The kitchen so far… Yes the countertop and sink still needs installed. I just love doing dishes in the bathroom sink! (;



After-ish… (With much work still to do)


Ps. I’m sorry for neglecting you lovies for so long. Please forgive me.

Wednesday Finds:Etsy

moleskine notebook - totally awesome, hand painted, illustrated, pocket notebook, mountains

On the Horizon Hardwood Small 7

Vintage Eugen Schmidt Soloform Lounge Chairs - Mid Century, Modern, Eames, Side, Wood, Retro

Treasury Time: Good Morning! Good Morning!

indulge in the full treasury.

Mid Century Restaurant Ware Plates by Homer Laughlin

Vintage Sky Blue Trash Can

Antique Teal Book Collection - Vintage Spring Decor - Shabby Chic - Aqua Teal Green - Vintage Books - Mark Twain Kipling

My House: Part Three

Well it’s the last post of my almost old house. Sadface. I’m going to miss this darn place. Oh well. I guess I shall look forward to my place, even though not the most ideal it will just as awesome with my decorative hands. Toodles poodles.