Etsy: Mix and Match Tea Sets

So excited to finally be getting my butt back on Etsy! It’s coming along slowly but surely and I am re-listing items until I get into my new place in April and will actually have LIGHT! Oh will there be light!

Check out some of my mix and match tea sets below and you can visit the entire shop too!

Ellie Vintage Tea Set - Mix and Match

Francis Vintage Tea Set

Winifred Vintage Tea Set - Mix and Match


13 Vintage Pieces You Must Have Somewhere In Your Home

A Globe.

A Persian Rug.

A Book Set. For reading or decoration.

A Rotary Phone.

A Wooden Chest.

A Dish Set.

A Suitcase.

A Quilt.

A Medicine Bottle Set.

An Alarm Clock.

A Lamp. Or Two.

A Chair.

A Fan.