H&M Home Collection

Well I was rather excited to find that H&M would be starting a home collection line. Finally checked it out today and I am in LOVE with the vintage/rustic style of all the pieces. On top of it, the prices are insanely CHEAP. I mean I expected low prices but these are exceptional. A great new resource for some inexpensive accessories! These are my favorite pieces but you can check the whole schbang out here.

H&M Home

glass jar

candles 2-pack

H&M Living Room


cushion cover


Remember this stuff?

So you know how I have been trying to get awesome pictures from a photo box because I live in basement where natural light is no longer my friend? Well… Scratch that idea. It sucks. And so did all of my photo box pictures. The only thing I am thankful for with that whole experience is that it made me realize how much I love my photos I use to take. I mean they are pretty awesome. Take that crappy photo box!

So in the next couple months I will be reposting listings on Etsy with old photos until I move in to my new apartment. Which I’m pretty sure in the fact that I have found one…. Fingers crossed. It’s a long story. Maybe I will show you guys some pics of it soon and you can be the judge.

Happy Friday loves. Xoxo