stuck in my head: Blurred Lines

I’m sorry but I just can’t help myself. I am sitting at my desk at work jammin’. People are going to start thinking I’m bonkers but this song is so fun, I just don’t care!


Treasury Time: It’s Monday, I’m in Love.

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Happy Monday loverlies!

Friday Favorites:Solar System

Original as seen on Cnet Planets solar system space ball style hard candy lollipop - 10 pc.

The Solar System - hand pulled large screen print 18x24

JUPITER - Solar System Post Earrings

Moving in!!! Finally!

Sorry I have been m.i.a. the past couple weeks. I’ve been super busy at my day job, traveling and all. Then trying to get the apartment finished. I FINALLY was able to move my stuff in this weekend. So I am spending this week organizing and putting some things away before I actually make the switch this Saturday. I am soooo excited you guys! I know the place looks like a wreck now but it’s going to be so effing cute, I can’t wait to show you!

For now, just check out the mess (;

And yes, I know my fridge covers up half of my cabinets… Was not expecting that dilemma.



Treasury from Madi’s Treasures

Featured in this lovely treasury by Madi’s Treasures. Check out her shop here and make sure to check out the full treasury as well!

Happy Sunday!

Turquoise Bride, Lady in Blue, Vintage Candle Holder, 80s vintage, Home Decor Figurine

Retro Dishes Vintage Taylor Smith and Taylor Saucers

Winifred Vintage Curated Tea Set

Etsy Friday Favorites

Mid-Century Plant Stand - Off White

Vintage Green Pig Candy Container - Made in Germany, early 1900s

stuck in my head: The Lumineers

Oh my my oh hey hey. Here he comes by saving grace. Burn the car and save the plates. He’s arrived, my saving grace.