New Blog!!!!

Ello lovies! It has been a bit, I know. Moving in with the lover has really disrupted my time line for blogging and Etsy. But don’t give up on me just yet. I am in the process of creating a new blog which I think much more accuratley represents LP and myself. Please follow the new blog for fun new posts and lots of new room renovations I’ve been doing. Look forward to seeing you on LuckyPorcupine Co.!

Ps. it is slightly under construction and I am desperately trying to get my “sidebar” moved from the bottom of the page to the right side of the page where I believe a “sidebar” should be. So if you have any insight on that I could certainly use your help.

Pps. FOLLOW THE NEW BLOG, LUCKYPORCUPINE CO. OR ELSE!! (; Just kidding there is no “or else”. Just me sitting in a dark corner sobbing.

xoxo- Kate


Birthday Cake: 3 Layer Turtle Style


Happy Birthday to the lover today! I spent 3 1/2 hours making this cake last night. It better taste like heaven. Pretty sure it will.

3 Layer Turtle Cake

2 German chocolate cake mixes
1 1/2 bags caramels
1/2 cup butter
1 can Eagle Brand
1 bar Hershey’s special dark chocolate
3/4 bag of whole pecans (chopped)

Heat oven to 325

•Prepare cake mixes as instructed, I like to add an extra egg
•Pour 2 pans half way with batter and sprinkle with chopped pecans and dark chocolate
•Bake 27 minutes
•Pour 1 pan 3/4 of the way full and sprinkle with TONS of pecans and dark chocolate
•Bake 30 minutes

•Melt caramels and butter in a double boiler until blended completely, stir often.
•Mix Eagle Brand into caramel until bleneded and add some pecans if you choose.- set aside in fridge to help thicken

•Now that all 3 cakes are cool here comes the messy part!
•Layer the 2 smaller cakes and caramel add more pecans and chocolate in between layers if you choose (I did 😋)
•Save larger cake for the top, drizzle with desired amount of caramel

And voila! Plunge your face into it and enjoy!

stuck in my head: Richie Valens

stuck in my head: la vie en rose

Kitchen: before and after-ish

Knee deep in the apartment reno. Kitchen will be finished once those annoying freakin’ cabinet doors are painted and put back on. Can’t wait until its finished so you guys can see how truly awesome it is!