Happy Valentines. I Suppose

I am not one to be a fan of Valentine’s Day. I personally think it is most likely one of thee dumbest holidays ever invented. Especially when we look at the what it is based off of… Sorry St. Valentine!

But, still I figured the lot of you that do like and celebrate Valentine’s Day might enjoy a little Valentine’s nostalgia with these vintage finds from Etsy.

Actually the first one is very fitting for my hatered of Valentine’s day and my dark humor. Win-Win kids!

ps. the last one is one of my little dittys. It will be available in the LP shop soon.

Monster Mash - 2 Vintage 1960s Horror Movie TV Host Valentine's Day Cards, Vampira with Spider, Dr. Scar with Eye Patch, Very Rare, Unused

Vintage Waechtersbach Red White Hearts Cup and Saucer, West Germany, valentine, vestiesteam



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