New Etsy Photos: Help!

Okay so I’m finally working more on new product photos for Etsy. I chose to go with the all white, “catalog-esqe” look. I’m just not sure how I feel about it though. I miss the character of my old photos or something. I did a little editing to add some character…. I personally like the warmer hued ones best but I am curious as to what an outsider or buyer would prefer. My vision could be skewed I suppose.

So lovelies, which style is your favorite? Or would you like to see something completely different? Leave some love below.






5 thoughts on “New Etsy Photos: Help!

  1. much prefer the white background- i think the warmer hued background can sometimes look cloudy or dirty (which can have terrible connotations for vintage stuff.) i have wrestled with this issue myself and you can see that i opted for bright natural light for the images on my blog, so that’s only my personal opinion. i’m looking forward to seeing your etsy store images…you always have great stuff!

    • I agree, this kind of editing on vintage photos can be quite unforgiving. I miss my natural light! Since I am currently living in a basement apartment I don’t have much of that luxury. These were taken in a photo tent. There is just something I’m not sure about with them. They aren’t white enough or something. I feel as though they look dingy or dated. Thanks for the feed back ReRetro! Much appreciated. I think I just need to keep adding more light to my photo box or something.

  2. At first I liked the warmer background better, it looks like photos I like in Magazines such as Frankie. But then when I looked back at the white background, I felt the details stood out more. Not much help am I!

    • Thanks for your view Winter Owl! I go back and forth too. I think you loose true details and add some un-needed grunge with the warmer hued photos. However, I am not satisfied with the white either, I just don’t feel it is light enough. Looks cheap or something.

  3. okay… I am looking at this with fresh eyes and I think… I THINK.. I finally am starting to like the white background. Not too shabby. I think I was just missing the character my old photos use to have. Well, guess it’s time to stop being lazy and get to listing. FINALLY! Thanks for all your advice dolls!

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