House Tour: Cozy Basement Pad

Soooo, it’s taken me a whhhile to get everything situated in my new pad. Going from an entire house to a basement isn’t exactly a small feat. Anyway, I just found out I will be moving again in a few months… (Yay! I could just kill myself with excitement! Moving is theeee best!!) I thought I might as well give you a little house tour before I have to pack it all up again. It isn’t quite as done as I’d like but it’s so cozy and so me! Even though I am happy about moving into a larger place I will be a little sad to leave this little ditty. Enjoy.

p.s. Please excuse my lack of natural light. Living in a basement will do that.

house touriphone 458iphone 454iphone 451iphone 459iphone 460iphone 455iphone 462iphone 461iphone 463iphone 457iphone 464iphone 468iphone 469iphone 471iphone 470iphone 466iphone 465

3 thoughts on “House Tour: Cozy Basement Pad

  1. sorry for the out of order pics! I will try and get around to rearranging them when I have some more time. Off to make more Christmas cards! weeee

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