13 Vintage Pieces You Must Have Somewhere In Your Home

A Globe.

A Persian Rug.

A Book Set. For reading or decoration.

A Rotary Phone.

A Wooden Chest.

A Dish Set.

A Suitcase.

A Quilt.

A Medicine Bottle Set.

An Alarm Clock.

A Lamp. Or Two.

A Chair.

A Fan.


11 thoughts on “13 Vintage Pieces You Must Have Somewhere In Your Home

    • Isn’t that wood chest just… ugh! I can’t even describe how much I am in love with it. Especially with the owl on top of it. I think we should all have vintage owls as well!!

      • I have been looking for one like that and a library catalogue one for so long I am convinced that by the time I find one they’re going to be a million dollars each.

      • Tell me about it! I have come across a couple nice ones but I can’t afford 1000 dollar furniture yet, at least for one piece. Some day. Fingers crossed.

  1. Aaack! Everything here is so beautiful! I’m glad to have my clock up there with so much vintage loveliness β™₯ Thank you πŸ™‚
    Except for the globe, I actually have some of all of that, except my wooden chest is small, coffee-table sized, with small stacks of drawers. Perhaps someday I’ll have one as magnificent as that…a girl can dream.

  2. totally agree with your list. the images are fantastic – v. inspiring. i must get me a persian rug….i have the other 12 items (although not nearly as glamarous as yours….)

    • Thank you! All of these items were taken from Etsy Vintage Shops. So all are available for purchase (=

      I have most of everything on this list, I think all I am lacking is a good ole fan.

  3. Very very cool blog! Love all of your vintage picks and thank you so much for making me your Etsy shop of the week! I’ll be adding your blog to my reader to be sure! πŸ™‚

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