Handmade Headbands for a Cause!

Well lovelies, I need your help. Desperately. My best friends brother and his family are about to go through a very hard time here soon. Eddie received a kidney transplant a little over 8 years ago and he has just started going through the process of the transplant rejecting. Which is very rare after such a long time. He will unfortunately be in and out of the hospital and receiving many treatments. Kristen, his wife will be home a lot with their three little girls and with Eddie off work they are going to need help keeping up with life.

Kristen has always made these beautiful headbands and clips for her girls and now your in luck because she is making them for you!!! Her goal is to sell one hundred but I am hoping that with myself and your help we can at least get her to one thousand!!! Price of the headbands are Twelve Dollars with Ten Dollars going directly to the family for expenses.

Please share this where ever you can, pass it along. Buy some. They would be great if you have little girls but the clips for adults are really cute as well. The pictures you see below are just examples of the color palettes she is working with. You will order in color scheme, her three choices are, “fall”, “spring” or “neutral”. Please email me if you would like to place an order and I will forward to Kristen.

I am also asking that anyone who can make donations if you do not want to buy a headband. Please, please, please email me ( luckyporcupine@gmail.com ) with any questions and I cannot say it enough PASS IT ON!

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