Upcycled Vintage Kids School Chair

Man o’ man moving and all the festivities this weekend has really kept me from you all! I don’t know how I managed to squeeze this “little” project into my weekend but here it is.

A reading chair for sweet Madison. I found this is in my Granada’s old shop a while ago and knew it would be the perfect birthday present!




9 thoughts on “Upcycled Vintage Kids School Chair

    • Phyllis,

      You don’t sound dumb at all! Best way to find out is to ask. Normal furniture I take apart as much as I can. However this little chair I just left completely intact and just ruffed up the metal and wood. A can of spray paint, some vintage wallpaper and mod-podge and wah-la! It only took me about a day to finish.

  1. Im so intrigue by it and wish to ask:

    Just want to check with you what type of paint did you use?
    How was it being applied? just simple spraying? how many coats and did you use any acrylic lacquer to coat?
    How long did the paint/coat last until it wears off?

    • I used 2 coats of spray primer to start then 2-3 coats of the watermelon spray paint. It should last many years depending on wear.

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