A Peek into Etsy’s Vintage Closets

1.Exile Vintage – 2.Zvezdana Vintage – 3.Aiseirigh Vintage – 4.Rocco Vintage

6 thoughts on “A Peek into Etsy’s Vintage Closets

  1. I saw Lladybird make a dress very similar to the last one! The more I see it the more I like this eyelet detail for a dress or blouse!

    • It is my absolute favorite. I am very tempted to purchase it. It’s so beautiful and I love the kelly green showing through underneath.

      • yeah I love that detail especially! the colours work so well together! I am sure it will be lovely to wear! You would just want to twirl all the time!

      • They really do! I couldn’t stop the gallivanting in twirling. People would hate me but I would be in heaven!

      • twirling is the best! Although I am clumsy as it is! So being dizzy and clumsy is not a good combination for everyone else around. lol

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