A weekend in Amish Country

I wanted to surprise Matthew with a little get away this past weekend. So I booked a cute little hotel and planned a day of little excursions down in Amish Country. It was lovely.

We made a pit stop at Breitenbach Winery to share a little wine and eat some delicious barbecue for lunch. Seriously the barbecue was delicious. It makes my mouth drool a little just thinking about it. The ribs were so meaty.

Then, of course we hit a thrift store…Picked up a couple of treasures for myself (=

As we were checking out of the thrift store we both happened upon a pamphlet for the Swiss and Amish Museum and said, ” Ahh, what the hey, let’s check it out!”

( Alpine Hills Museum )

We enjoyed the Alpine Museum and strolled around the “Berlin” area for a few hours. Here is some of the things we had fun with.

We fell in love with this house!

We spent some fun time together at the hotel and in the morning I made Matty a nice sweet breakfast.


4 thoughts on “A weekend in Amish Country

    • Thank you! We really loved it as well! The Amish society is a very interesting culture to tap into. Although I have to say I am pretty use to it from where I grew up in Ohio and also my great-great grandfather was actually raised Amish until he was old enough to leave the church and become “English” as they call it. So it is a little tap into my roots as well. If you ever get a chance to visit an Amish community anywhere take some time and spend the day, it is totally worth it!

      • Yes, I’ll definitely take up the chance if I pass through! Yeah, I guess if you live close you must be fairly used to it 🙂 it’s good that you still go to the museums and things though. Lovely pictures!

  1. You will love it! Not only is the culture interesting but the food is phenomenal and you will never see better hand crafting anywhere.

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